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Calling America’s Heroes to Report for Real Estate Duty

CENTURY 21 Regency Realty is looking for men and women who know what it means to defend a dream.  We believe the true heroes of our country do just that, defend the American dream of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. One of the greatest dreams and pursuits of happiness an American has is homeownership. CENTURY21 Regency Realty joins with the CENTURY 21 Franchise System in recognizing the unique character traits and skills of America’s heroes to defend the dream of homeownership by making it a reality for our customers.  CENTURY21 Regency Realty is looking for individuals who are self-driven and determined, to join the team.

In joining with the CENTURY 21 System, CENTURY21 Regency Realty would like to Thank You for your service to this country and help assist you in a career with CENTURY 21.  CENTURY 21 Regency Realty would like to let you know CENTURY 21 is offering exclusive benefits to all non-active and retired military personnel.

CENTURY 21 is offering the following benefits

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Join the CENTURY21 Regency Real Estate team today! We need independent people with drive and passion who have attention to detail. Real Estate agents have the ability to plan out their own individual future and success. Be a part of the largest real estate organization worldwide!

To begin a career a with CENTURY21 Regency Realty contact us today and we will get you more information on becoming a real estate agent and the steps to get you started.