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Finding a Home Overseas

If you have been deployed overseas but need to purchase a home in the Enterprise real estate market there are some tips to know before you begin your search. Here are some simple ways to become prepared to buy when you are stationed overseas.

1. Know the area. This may be very difficult if your family is moving to the area and you are not just yet. If possible, have your spouse or family member check out the area and community. If this is just not a possibility, consider #2 first.

2. Find a good real estate broker. You want a broker or agent that knows the area and has worked with military families many times. Find an agent that knows the proceedures for buying overseas and can handle all the issues and hiccups that can sometime accompany this type of purchase.  Make sure the agent is not only seasoned in all types of markets but in the community as well. Make sure they know what it is you are looking for and the type of neighborhood you want to live in. A good agent will know the area and market well.

3. Set up a power of attorney with your partner, spouse or family member. If you are not going to be able to sign documents, but still want to be listed as owner, you will need to setup a power of attorney to sign for you. This person should be someone you trust. If you are single, consider a parent or sibling. They need to know you well enough to commit to real estate on your behalf. This can be set up by fax or in person with a lawyer.

4. Trust that your agent, your POA and the plans set in place are working for you. It can be stressful when overseas, not knowing whether things are getting handled correctly. You can't worry about everything at once. Make sure you set these facets up ahead of time and trust they are working for you. It can be difficult from so far away but with enough planning ahead of time, you can rest knowing your affairs are being handled correctly.

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