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10 Simple Tips for Moving Off Shore or Overseas


If you are relocation to or from the US
here are some tips to keep in mind when relocating.

Climate can really influences our state of mind. If warm, sunny weather with ocean views makes you feel good, arrange to move where you can get plenty of it. Learn about the country's seasons to see if their compatible with your moods and your health. A very tropical climate might not be healthy for some.

Check to see if the country offers what you want to do or enjoy. If you enjoy city-based interests - like museums and art galleries - don't set yourself up in a remote and rural area. Choose your locations appropriately for golfing, beaches, community centers, etc.

It may be very different than what you are used to. Europe tends to be more expensive while Asia and Africa are less expensive than the US. Then if you are moving to the US consider the current economic state as well. Housing cost would be critical here. But be aware of the costs of groceries and other shopping items. Some countries having a large low-income population can offer you very inexpensive maid and gardener help. For retirees, this can be a big help.

The language of Central and South American countries is Spanish (Portuguese for Brazil). But English is understood by many in the cities. The younger people tend to learn English as their second language so you can almost always get someone to help you translate. But many areas have expat communities made up of people like you who live and associate with each other. That way you can speak English all the time and share common interests.

In order to attract foreigners and the income they bring, some countries offer special deals. These can include low or no taxes on property you buy for a certain number of years. Also discounts on certain transportation, movies, and events.

Each county has it's own requirements and regulations on what you need to enter and stay in the country. Make sure you are fully aware of all these and leave plenty of time to research or obtain documents.

Most important here is communication and transportation. Thanks to modern technology, implementing telephone and internet technology for everyone isn't difficult. So you can maintain communications with the outside world in most cities. Public transportation is another matter. Check what's available depending on your country and your desired location in it.

Flights go everywhere. But you may want to limit how long it takes to get back home - both for return visits or having family come and visit you. Just how often do you plan to visit home each year can be an important consideration.

Medicare coverage usually ends when you set foot on foreign soil. If it's impractical for you to return to the United States for medical treatment, then consider your alternatives. Some countries have private but inexpensive health care - by doctors and in hospitals. Many of those doctors are educated in the U.S. too. Moving to a country with universal health coverage doesn't mean you'll be immediately eligible for coverage, though. Check out what the situation is where you're going, know your health needs, and see if Medicare coverage is possible for you.

Shopping capability can range from native markets to supermarkets. You may not see some convenience foods you like. But often you can find U.S.-style shopping arcades with plenty of American goods, and imports from other nations. Keep your eye open for McDonald's and the other fast food companies too. Learn more packing tips here.

If you can swing it, plan a vacation - a month or more - at one or more of your possible future locations. Seeing first hand what's there and how things work can be a great help in making your move more smooth. By learning some basics and keeping flexible in your plans you can move without too much disruption and confusion. For more information on relocating to Fort Rucker or any Enterprise AL real estate concerns, don't hesitate to contact our office.


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